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Secret for perfect hair removal on point with mole

The skin papillomas, known as "warts" as well as moles make their appearance regardless gender and age. Commonly found in the armpits, below the chest, in the back and neck.

But what if we want to do hair removal in a specific area and at this point we have a mole, wart, eczema?mole-01-01

Most hair removal instructions are explicit: “CAUTIONS: Do not apply the product on skin with acne, or on wounds, moles, eczemas, irritations, warts etc

Now you can use your favorite Depilatory Strips Transparent Beauty and Velvet Sensitive fearlessly! Just put a little amount of Lip Balm over the mole, wart or eczema, place the depilatory strip in the direction of hair growth, and with stretched skin pull the strip with a sudden movement. That's it! The waxing is succeeded without affecting this point. And do not forget to use the after waxing Azulene Oil tissues, which leave the skin clean, shiny, and smooth!

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