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Some little tips for ladies from karaver

The secret of success-it’s a simple decision!
  • Black trousers white shirt a colorfull shawl. This is the secret of the perfect taste.
  • The best trainer for getting rid of men’s walk is the skirt that is 2-3 palm lower than the knee.
  • The choice of the skinny jeans it’s a very responsible story. Jean is like plastic surgery they can fantastically make your figure better or completely ruin it.
  • ATTIRE can tell about the person more than he can tell himshelfUntitled-1
  • THE FLAT sole this is the sign of housewife. If you don’t belong to this types urgently change the flat sole on the high heel.
  • Coco channel used to say in order to look amazingly it's not necessary to be young.
  • Absolutely perfect beauty does not attract. In order to attract attention an absolutely perfect beauty has to have some small incorrectness.
  • The massive legs do not exist. The bad  tights make them massive. There are no ugly women there are uneducated hairdressers
  • Fashion is not the feather and stras, this is where the skirt seems well, when trousers making longer the legs, when a woman is wearing a dress and flies above the earth.
  • If you want to get promoted dress up as if you work already there.
  • For the evening set there is a rule: choose either a shiny dress or shiny accessories.
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