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Depilatory Methods for Diabetics

When it comes to the depilation method that can be used by people with diabetes, the issue becomes more complicated. This is mainly because diabetics have more sensitive skin and are usually prone to injury and infection, which require them to be more careful with the depilation method they choose.

Here you will find some important information about the several hair removal methods and where diabetics should pay attention. For you that are interested, take notes!


The laser is undoubtedly the new trend in the depilation process, but there are some significant side effects that diabetics should pay attention before doing this costly method. The sensation of pain is often increased because of the sensitivity of the nerves and diabetics are usually more prone to infections due to the slowly healing injuries process.


This hair removal method involves the removal of the entire hair from the root, but the swollen and empty follicles may be more prone to infections. Tip: before using the epilator, the head of the device must be disinfected with alcohol, which will help reduce the likelihood of infection. Of course, it would be better to be advised by a dermatologist to the allowed areas of this method.


The razor cuts the hair at the skin level. As expected, there is an increased risk of injury and serious risk of infection. It requires a lot of attention, as an advice we recommend to disinfect the razor with alcohol before use, to reduce the possibility of contamination in case of injury.


According to research the skin of diabetics has an increased sensitivity to harsh chemicals contained in the depilatory cream. And in this case the advice of a dermatologist before use is necessary.


The depilation method with hot wax is not suitable for people suffering from diabetic neuropathy due to the loss of the nerve’s function as it causes a reduction in pain sensation in the affected area. The overheating of the wax will hardly be perceived, causing burnings, which would be difficult healed.


The application of cold strips is considered the safest method of hair removal, as there is no risk of burnings, injury, and contains natural ingredients. Specifically, Karaver Velvet Sensitive Strips are easy to use, have less pain and are suitable for sensitive skin. They contain natural extracts of Chamomile, natural grape seed oil, natural beeswax and Vitamin E. They are made of special hypoallergenic fabric Nonwoven and are accompanied by three after waxing chamomile extract Azulene Oil tissues.


People with diabetes need to be more careful as to WHICH depilation method they choose. The sensitivity of their skin, makes them more vulnerable to injury and infection. For this reason Karaver proposes the cold wax strips Velvet Sensitive, as a more secure way, since there is no risk of burnings, and the chance of injury is reduced.

In any case, diabetics should contact their dermatologist to learn more about the depilation method they are interested in.

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